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Life Is A Freakshow
And The World Is Your Stage
9th-Apr-2010 07:29 pm
so, hay guyz.
i haven't updated in like FOREVEAR.
so miley + teh jo bros were A-MAZ-ING.
as if metro station broke up T__T. i nearly cried.
one of my best friends is being a douche. she's constantly 'OHHHHHHHH I LOVE HIMM. I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHH' and i'm all like bitch. you've been going out for like three weeks. you've been on ONE date. he won't even hug you. actually get over yourself now, kthnxbye.
my other friend is being a crazy stalker lady over THE cutest guy ^_^. even if he is a year younger than me. and even if he does like twilight. i mean, DUDE. he wears glasses ;'DDDD. and has the most awesome hair. and we can talk to each other about EVERYTHING. i mean, i even told him about the thing that only FIVE people know. FIVE PEOPLE. not even my best friend knows. but that's because she's sensitive and i don't wanna make her worry. but douche-friend knows. and is convinced it's her fault :/
and while this guy is cute and all, i don't think i LIKE him like him. i think i like this other dude. but IDK.
HOH YEAH. and i was really looking forward to this party right?? but then i found out this person i really hate was going and i was all like, no. and i was REALLLLLLLLLYYYYY like, excited about this party. and i kinda want to cry. but it dm.
woah. so yeah.
that's how bri c's it.
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