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Life Is A Freakshow
And The World Is Your Stage
how out of order was Kanye West? he wasn't even nominated in that… 
14th-Sep-2009 09:11 pm

how out of order was Kanye West? he wasn't even nominated in that category (it would've been REALLY weird if he was) but he had to go and ruin Taylor's moment. she's never done anything to him, but imagine how she must've felt. i don't normally like Beyonce but what she did for Taylor was amazing and had made me respect her that little bit more. as Katy Perry said 'it's like stepping on a kitten.' which is true. she's only 19 and this mega celebrity has just got up on stage when she's just won an award and basically told her that she shouldn't have won.

anyway, on a brighter note, i have to go to hospital. that's not really a brighter note is it? it's nothing serious, or at least i hope it's not. just some really bad headaches.

there's this girl in my year who is convinced this other dude fancies her and is gonna ask her out, even though they've never spoken and he fancies someone else. god, 'fancies' is such a childish word.

so that's it.

23rd-Sep-2009 08:37 pm (UTC)
darling, i agree completely with all of your sentiments.
and also, i love your layout.
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